Transaction ID
Height 1120390
34303 Block Confirmations
Type Distribute to Holders for Token ZTH
Timestamp 3 months ago (2023-03-06 06:37:39 UTC)
To Distribute to Holders
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Value 1,600.0 SIGNA ($2.2352)
Fee 0.166 SIGNA ($0.0002)
Version 2
Deadline 20
Block Timestamp 3 months ago (2023-03-06 06:40:48 UTC)
EC Block ID 3904575144897781306
EC Block Height 1120378
Has message no
Has encrypted message no
Has Public Key Announcement no
Has Encrypttoself Message no
Sender Public Key 94284D017F76CE5491D9516940952F19DD23F60264E346B9F4D09D9C318BB61C
Signature F8B4D235116C78694E531F89D268FEAFCFE590D3C507FD13F9639E01E4E48801D3DB5881F3165A60EA7B9DD90227337A5FC9909E6796FF349843D21B2552D0FE
Full Hash 339DF80A4CF85F6BB025A2E5232A63744E04683B96EAA5E1EC94457AB87E0F46
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