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Name PorjektGreenGarden
Description Porjekt Green Garden We have a lot Akkerlang in Thuringia which is not used at the moment. We are looking for partners for this project who want to do something good with their energized Coins of Earth and want to give something back to the environment. The plan is gradually to equip the huge lure with extant chilli lances. Since the need for chilies is extremely rising and especially for the spicy varieties. Furthermore, it is also planned to process a part of the harvest to Chimichurri, because, for example, for only 100g Chimichurri price of more than 5 euros are easy to derive. We have experienced partners of agriculture and both specialist cooks for Chimichurri. This project is not for people who are looking for the quick money, but for long-term investors who want to grow with us for years. Since the harvest is only possible at the end of the year, you have to have some gdult and be happy about the huge yield, but then be patient again afterwards. To all fast money peopCrowdfund
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