Address S-AG8W-G8DJ-PSKZ-6XV94
ID 4692607263561758940
Name d4PP0Z3
Description {"name":"The Mining Game","desc":"A game where you compete to forge a TMG token! This process results in a cryptocurrency inside a cryptocurrency, where the tokens have a fixed supply rate. Only 24 tokens are minted by the smart contract every day. This game is a commemorative contract for SmartC release 2.0 and more detailed info is available at SmartC documentation.","repo":"","img":"","lic":"BSD-3-Clause","tags":["token","game","smart contract","tmg"]}
Rui Deleterium
Creation Block 1057907
Version 2
Activation 5.0 SIGNA
($0.01 @ $0.0019 per SIGNA)
Code Hash ID 8199855259883444791
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