Address S-ETL8-4HCE-X9C4-GH922
ID 16141163932949046854
Name Tesla
Description Buy an full electric car - specially if is possible a used- second hand Tesla full electric car and put big stickers on it with this messages: 1. Green Car - bought with Burst Coin - green crypto currency for all 2. BurstCoin bought me this green car 3. Burst Coin - the only low CO2 emission crypto currency and others - please contact me on .RO discord channel if you have ideas. The car will also have stickers on it created by the persons that donate over 20K Burst. I will accept any ideas for the stickers on this project to promote the BurstCoin to the masses on this - Shadow Thank you for your donation ! Let's mass promote the Burst Coin. Any burst count. I will put 20K EUR from my own money to buy this car but I need help for the rest. An used good Tesla car 2014-2016 is about 60k EUR. Please help me promote more the Burst coin. Crowdfund
Creation Block 419017
Version 1
Activation 7.0 SIGNA
($0.02 @ $0.0031 per SIGNA)
Code Hash ID 8850941609898470763
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