Address S-347R-GP5J-7C8A-DN5K3
ID 12737433693161818295
Name IncreaseBurstCoinValue
Description to establish a real-estate company, holders of it are the share holders of in burst Asset Exchange . we want to gather capital it will be used it to buy a small apartment under a company name then lunch the project on Asset Exchange then the money that will be gathered from the Asset Exchange will be used to buy an other real-estate Asset and so on .The rent will be distributed on the share holder in Asset Exchange . with time the project will grow. this means bigger the projects the more worth of Burst burs coin will be Bought every month so it could be distributed on the share holder in Asset Exchange This will attract more people to buy burst spatially wen it is well played in the media . All this will make a big demand on burst that will increase its value because of the big demand on it spatially itwill be connected to a r tangible Asset that will make it a strong currency All this will be done Legally in Germany Transparently .Give us a chance to make a change.Crowdfund
AT Team
Creation Block 453556
Version 1
Activation 7.0 SIGNA
($0.01 @ $0.001 per SIGNA)
Code Hash ID 8850941609898470763
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