Description QIBUCK TOKEN ASSET replaces QIBUCK COIN. All current holders of QIBUCK COIN are eligible for a 1:1 swap of QIBUCK COIN for QIBUCK TOKEN. 2 Million Qibuck Tokens will be issued and what is not given to current QIBUCK COIN holders will be sold. This is a multi-faceted Asset and all assets currently belonging to QIBUCK COIN will be transferred to QIBUCK TOKEN ASSET. Dividends will be issued MONTHLY as a QIBUCK TOKEN BAGBONUS, like we used to do for QIBUCK COIN holders but only difference is all holders of the asset will share in the dividends. 10% of the asset will be maintenance fee for SAM SILVA AND ELLIE YAN who will run and maintain the asset. 10% of the asset will belong to QIBUCK ASSET and profits thereof will be used for buy support/buy backs mainly. Around 600k TOKENS are reserved for the QIBUCK COIN swap and the rest will be sold in tiers. All information pertaining to this asset can be found here:
Circulating Quantity 2,000,000
Decimals 0
Mintable False
Block 354217