Description RESERVEBNK or Reserve Bank of BURST: This asset aims to boost the BURST Asset Exchange by helping the main asset's price go higher, and by providing extra liquidity to the market. It is a unique fund since it will buy only the best performing assets, but it will never sell them. The purchase emphasis is put on dividend paying assets so that it can pay dividends too.So this asset does pay dividends from the dividends it gets from it's purchased assets. This asset will also help buy up the the assets after a crash to stabilize the price if necessary, with whatever funds are available. This is a decentralized reserve bank for BURST.
Circulating Quantity 30,000,000
Decimals 0
Mintable False
Issuer S-4Z44-KQBQ-YX5E-7QRPF
Current Owner S-4Z44-KQBQ-YX5E-7QRPF
Block 172792