Ticker iVeGas
Description This assets acts as a financial instrument for LAND in Decentraland. Currently, $VeGas owns a parcel of LAND in Vegas City and auctioning for LAND in Genesis City. 25% of total revenue will be distributed as dividends to $VeGas asset holders ONLY. There is currently no method to generate revenue on our parcel of LAND. Our team will start making partnerships early Q1 2018 to have the LAND developed. Keep updated on our Twitter feeds early Q1 2018 with exciting announcements. We hope to create a method to rent out space. Generating revenue will be our number one objective. Estimated first distribution of dividends will occur March 2018. If no major advancements occur on our LAND in Decentraland no dividends will be distributed. We do not feel this will occur but like to warn potential investors about start-up companies. (The LAND will promote Burstcoin as it's main focus)
Circulating Quantity 21,000,000.000000
Decimals 6
Mintable False
Issuer S-979T-RZGM-U6KR-55YQJ
Current Owner S-979T-RZGM-U6KR-55YQJ
Block 438904