Address S-A6K5-V2KB-AMM3-FRFPA
ID 15300337447982076451
Name treebeard
Description Hrum, now, well, I am an Ent, or that's what they call me. Yes, Ent is the word. The Ent, I am, you might say, in your manner of speaking. Fangorn is my name according to some, Treebeard others make it. Treebeard will do.
Total Balance 0.07429103 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0012 per SIGNA)
Free Balance 0.07429103 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0012 per SIGNA)
Locked Balance 0.0 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0012 per SIGNA)
Public Key A72772E7305BD86470B3C1B0AE01B84EBF51AB7E5F512B83DFB180377D4B706B
at block 440875
Creation Block 440874
Pool Solo Miner